Reimagine joint replacement surgery with ARVIS® augmented reality.

ARVIS is a revolutionary new surgical guidance technology for joint replacement that uses augmented reality (AR) to provide your surgeon real-time information that can help improve accuracy during your knee or hip replacement surgery.

Benefits of ARVIS.

ARVIS is designed to help your surgeon achieve precise and accurate implant placement, with the goal of improving patient outcomes. And you’ll feel confident knowing your surgeon is in total control of your knee or hip replacement surgery.

Orthopedic surgical guidance technology can be used in surgery to aid the surgeon to visualize implant placement during joint replacement

ARVIS uses AR technology to provide the surgeon real-time information to aid in precise and accurate implant placement

Conveniently schedule your knee or hip replacement surgeries at outpatient surgery centers and potentially benefit from shorter hospital stays

ARVIS uses intraoperative bone trackers to create a map of your knee, so no MRIs or CT scans are required. This can eliminate unnecessary cost and radiation exposure

ARVIS isn’t meant to replace your surgeon. It gives surgeons precise information to make more informed decisions about your care and keep them in control of your procedure

Knee replacement.

If your knee is severely damaged by arthritis or injury, it may be hard for you to perform simple activities like walking or climbing stairs. If nonsurgical treatments, like medications and physical therapy, are no longer helpful, explore knee replacement surgery using ARVIS technology.

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Hip replacement.

Unmanageable hip pain can limit your range of motion and ability to perform essential actions like sitting, standing, and bending and can even rob you of needed sleep. Explore your treatment options if you are living with osteoarthritis and see if you are a candidate for hip replacement surgery using ARVIS technology.

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